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Lighting Mall Baby Locks

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High quality material Multi-purpose & Value pack Easy to install & No need tools Strong adhesive & Anti-pull strap Easy adult access & Childproof

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  1. Anonymous

    These are a really great if you have a children exploring the house… The clasp has quite a bit of tension. That’s what makes this work so well. You can adjust how far apart to put the ends are, so you have options to use this in different situations. Now the ONLY thing that I do not like about this product is the fact that this is not like the Command Strips, so once you got it stuck, it’s stuck! There are no pull tabs to prevent messing up paint or surface that it is stuck to, so take your…

  2. Anonymous

    This is a genius idea! I didn’t think these child lock straps would be durable at all, but I was surprised with how much force I put into trying to open the little cabinet door and it still wouldn’t budge ( I actually tried!). Another cool feature is the adjustable side that slides out so that you could tighten it, to better secure the door (not too easy to slide out, so children wouldn’t be able to do it). The other side has the little button thing that you also have to press pretty hard to…

  3. Anonymous